Embracing Demographic Challenges
Creating a New Longevity Mindset

Innovative Vision
for the Retirement Industry

Ageing is inevitable, but evidence shows that human life expectancy is steadily increasing. Economists and demographers recognize that living to 100 years old may become the new normal for future generations. This significantly impacts the Retirement Industry.

Now is the strategic moment for leaders and professionals in the financial sector—pension funds, insurers, and health plans—to identify and implement necessary transformations and innovations. By exploring emerging trends and innovative solutions, we can ensure the sustainability of this ecosystem and facilitate the intergenerational renegotiation of retirement as future generations normalize living to 100 years and having smaller families.

Innovative Vision for the Retirement Industry” is our unmissable support for those who want to be at the forefront of sector transformations. Our consultancy services, including workshops, strategy sessions, and tailored advisory, are designed to meet the diverse needs of companies, institutions, and their stakeholders. Participants will collaboratively identify new horizons, challenges, and opportunities, becoming co-creators of a future where retirement is not the final chapter but a new opportunity for personal development and fulfillment.

For those interested in exploring further our vision, we recommend the book written by the co-founders and partners of our consulting boutique, titled New Longevity: Reinventing Retirement will be available by Amazon Books starting August 1, 2024 in English, Spanish , and Portuguese.